How to pack your hospital bag with Mrs B

Your stay in hospital can leave you overwhelmed with worry and emotion, but can also be filled with joy and relief.


But one thing it doesn’t have to be is uncomfortable.


A well-stocked Hospital Bag containing all your favourite things, a few home comforts, and one or two absolute essentials, will make your stay in hospital just that little bit more bearable.


But what to pack?


Don’t worry—over the course of seven hospital stays (and counting!), I’ve picked up a thing or two.


 I’ve prepared a step-by-step guide to the whole process.


Fill in your details below to download my PDF Hospital Check-list and Top Tips, and you’ll be packing like a pro.


But, if you’d rather leave all the hassle to me, browse our collection of hand-picked packages today.

I'll help you take the stress out of packing!
Mrs B x

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